Instructions and troubleshooting for the VertigoIMU inertial datalogger.

Born to Engineer films from the ERAF


A compact 11dof inertial datalogger with AHRS


If you’re new to VertigoIMU you’ll want to read these pages:

  1. Usage Instructions - How to assemble, collect data with, and troubleshoot the VertigoIMU datalogger
  2. Log Data Information - How to interpret the log files produced by VertigoIMU
  3. Data Analysis in MATLAB - How to analyse the log files in Matlab
  4. Data Analysis in Python - How to analyse the log files in Python
  5. Physics lessons using Vertigo - Run a Ks3/ Ks4 Vertigo based lesson

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Further Information

For those interested in more information about VertigoIMU:

Read the Vertigo Blog

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Whether you’re interested in acquiring a Vertigo, have questions or problems regarding its usage, or just want more information about Vertigo, contact the team at [email protected].

About VertigoIMU

VertigoIMU was designed by Jon Sowman and Sutton Grammar School with support from The ERA Foundation and The Institute for Research in Schools.

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